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The below feature was posted on social media by the Framingham Public Library Foundation on August 13, 2023

Carter Freedlander, a young graduate student from Framingham, has been frequenting the SparkLab/MakerSpace at the main library to develop prototypes for his start-up fashion business. He is designing and making what he calls “streetwear” unisex tee shirts. His plan is to create prototypes using SparkLab equipment, and if the test run is successful, he will eventually purchase some of his own equipment.

With the help and support of Kelly Cashman, SparkLab Director, he created designs for the tee shirts, printed the designs using transfer printing paper, and cut the design out with the SparkLab’s Cricut Smart Cutting Machine. He then used the SparkLab’s Heat Press to meld the design onto the shirt. In addition, he selected designs from the SparkLab’s embroidery machine and created a shirt decorated with embroidery.

Soon he will try using the vinyl press to create additional designs. With Kelly’s guidance, he has also learned how to use sewing machines.

He is very grateful that the library has the SparkLab with its many resources and helpful staff.

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